d.light India Customer Satisfaction Study: IFC’s new study demonstrates social impact of d.light products in India

For families with no or limited access to electricity, switching from kerosene lanterns to solar-powered LED lights dramatically improves their quality of life. We at d.light have seen this over and over again as we’ve talked with customers in the field; a recent study, conducted in partnership with the Lighting Asia/India Program of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), quantifies this social impact. In 2015, IFC surveyed 200 individuals who had purchased d.light’s multifunction S300 lantern and charger through a leading microfinance institution. Only 51 percent of the customers had access to grid electricity at the time of purchase; however, these households still experienced power outages of an average of fourteen hours per day. Of those surveyed, 95 percent relied on kerosene for their lighting needs. After nine months of using the d.light S300, the energy access and the bright, reliable lighting it provided became central to these households’ daily lives. Both adults and children reported greater productivity and mobility as a result.