Quality Assurance

Integrating-spherePoor quality off-grid lighting products are already present in Asian markets. Low income end-users unfortunate enough to purchase inferior goods often waste their limited disposable cash. Their bad experiences, which spread rapidly by word of mouth, can undermine consumer confidence in solar portable off-grid lighting technology. Developing a large, dynamic, and sustainable market for modern off-grid lighting requires careful attention to both product quality and the potential for market spoiling.

A rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) program helps to minimize market spoilage and incentivizes manufacturers and distributors to provide higher quality products. Lighting Global provides this support through product testing, through product testing and verification, market check testing, and technical information delivered through Technical and EcoDesign Briefing Notes. To learn more about the QA program and access these global resources, visit the Lighting Global website.

Qualification for the Lighting Asia program depends on meeting the Lighting Global Minimum Quality Standards and passing through a business evaluation and IFC’s due diligence process Product quality and performance are evaluated using the Quality Test Method, a quality assurance framework that has been adopted by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in IEC Technical Specification 62257-9-5.
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In India, solar product manufacturers can now get their products tested according to the Initial Screening Method (ISM) at The Energy and Resources Institute’s testing laboratory. The lab is located in TERI University’s New Delhi campus. The TERI lab anticipates offering QTM testing services in the future. To know more about getting your product tested: